TFE Hotels

Melbourne Social Co have been working with TFE Hotels for over 12 months, working across a number of the hotels in their portfolio.

Here’s what the team have to say about working with MSC:

The team at Melbourne Social Co are creative professionals who quite simply know and do social VERY well. They are responsive to urgent updates as required in the land of social media and educate our team on the latest and greatest of social media algorithms, hacks and trends. I would highly recommend them to any organisation wanting to taking their social accounts to the next level.

We’ve had a number of highlights while working on this account, including:

  • Travelling to Canberra to shoot at Hotel Kurrajong
  • Reinvigorating the social media footprint of Hotel Savoy in Melbourne
  • Completing native stays across a number of hotels, generating valuable UGC which has translated to high performing Reels content
  • Managing the influencer outreach process across the portfolio