In today’s social media landscape it’s an unfortunate case of needing to pay-to-play, with Social Media’s algorithm favouring those who support their organic content posting with a combination of ad types including Lead Generation and Sponsored Content.

Social media advertising is a great way to increase business awareness, grow page likes, gain valuable insights about your consumer and importantly, increase your engagement and reach allowing you to develop a strong online Facebook and Instagram community for your business or brand.

  • Facebook advertising is incredibly cost-effective
  • It offers enhanced audience targeting options
  • It helps to develop an engaged online community
  • Makes your content visible to current and new audiences
  • Provides you with key consumer/audience insights

Here at Melbourne Social Co, we have an in-house Advertising Specialist, who is able to assist your business by setting-up, creating and optimising these campaigns on a daily basis.

As part of this service, your business will receive:

  1. Advertising Campaign Set Up (once-off fee)

    • Account set-up
    • Strategy
    • On-boarding
    • Allocation of resources
    • Research
    • Advertising proposal
  1. Daily Advertising Campaign Management

    • SM Advertising Account Management (Dedicated Social Media Ads Specialist)
    • Conversion & Remarketing Campaign
    • Multiple Creative Variations
    • Utilising Lookalike Audiences
    • Campaign Management
    • Social Analytics
    • Ongoing Optimisations
    • PixelTracking
    • Sponsored posts
    • Retargeting Ads

Please note, set-up fees apply. Should you wish to engage our ads management services, we will prepare a custom proposal for you based on your budget and objectives.