The Lowdown on Snapchat for Business

The Lowdown on Snapchat for Business

Ever since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has become a seriously popular social media platform for both businesses and individuals thanks to its instant, creative and interactive features.

While it’s most commonly used by the millennial generation, many Australian businesses are embracing the Snapchat revolution thanks to its potential to reach - well over 3 million Australians use the social media platform on a daily basis.

Ready to start using Snapchat for your business? Read on below for more information on this trendy social media platform and why you should use it now!

What is Snapchat:

Snapchat is a social media platform where you can send pictures or videos with a 10-second time limit to your choice of followers. You can also send “stories” which are 10-second media items that all of your followers can view for the next 24 hours. Snapchat also has a variety of fun features, including animated filters, instant messaging, voice/video calling and replay options.

Why should businesses use it? 

Many businesses are tapping into Snapchat’s popularity to run marketing campaigns including ads, sponsoring interactive features, as well as using it on a day-to-day basis as a way to connect with their audiences. Businesses including Samsung, McDonalds, MTV and Cosmopolitan along with well-known personalities like Ashy Bines, Lara Bingle and Kim Kardashian use Snapchat as a vital marketing tool for their businesses or personal brands by posting multiple daily “stories” to keep their consumers engaged and connected.

How can businesses use it?

For businesses, the main aim of communication on Snapchat is to engage your audience in your business by posting short “stories” to all your followers. You can use these stories to promote sales, updates on the business, share behind the scenes footage, run influencer takeovers, post instructive or informative videos and a whole lot more! The options on ways to market your brand are endless.

A few examples of how Australian businesses have used Snapchat include Myer, who used Snapchat to live stream their fashion parade for Spring Fashion Week, along with Cricket Australia who shared highlights of the Ashes series. Other examples include retail brands like Showpo and Frank Body who use Snapchat to take fans behind the scenes of their photoshoots, share tips, run influencer takeovers and more.

Unsure how to get started using Snapchat for your business? Or, would you like to know more about this popular social media platform? 

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