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Tips for starting a creative career

The creative industry is thriving right now, with the rise of digital marketing, Instagram influencers and the world’s obsession with all things social; a creative career is the popular choice right now. While a creative career doesn’t necessarily require academic studying, there are things you need to learn before delving into the creative world. When […]

Four Ideas To Inspire Great Content

This Week We’re Sharing Four Ideas To Inspire Great Content Content is the driving force behind all aspects of communications. Whether it be social media, public relations, marketing campaigns; content is at the heart of every strategic approach. Coming up with content ideas is so important, but it’s no surprise that coming up with new […]

Melbourne Social Co’s tips to create a happier and more exciting workplace!

Here at Melbourne Social Co we’ve put together our top tips to create a happier and more exciting workplace! Don’t put up with a dull workplace that stifles your creativity, considering how much time we spend at work each week. A happy and exciting workplace is important to boost productivity and workplace pleasure. Inspirational quotes […]

Our Favourite Workday Hacks

We all have days at work where we feel like it’s never going end, where we feel super unproductive, unmotivated and frankly, distracted.  Even if you love your job, work can be draining, but to avoid feeling down on your workday we’d like to offer you some of our wonderful workday hacks! Organise your morning […]