Social Media Advertising

In today’s social media landscape it’s an unfortunate case of needing to pay-to-play, with Social Media’s algorithm favouring those who support their organic content posting with a combination of ad types including Lead Generation and Sponsored Content.

Social media advertising is a great way to increase business awareness, grow page likes, gain valuable insights about your consumer and importantly, increase your engagement and reach allowing you to develop a strong online Facebook and Instagram community for your business or brand.

  • Facebook advertising is incredibly cost-effective
  • It offers enhanced audience targeting options
  • It helps to develop an engaged online community
  • Makes your content visible to current and new audiences
  • Provides you with key consumer/audience insights

Here at Melbourne Social Co, we have an in-house Advertising Specialist, who is able to assist your business by setting-up, creating and optimising these campaigns on a daily basis.

As part of this service, your business will receive:

  1. Advertising Campaign Set Up (once-off fee)

    • Account set-up
    • Strategy
    • On-boarding
    • Allocation of resources
    • Research
    • Advertising proposal

  1. Daily Advertising Campaign Management

    • SM Advertising Account Management (Dedicated Social Media Ads Specialist)
    • Conversion & Remarketing Campaign
    • Multiple Creative Variations
    • Utilising Lookalike Audiences
    • Campaign Management
    • Social Analytics
    • Ongoing Optimisations
    • PixelTracking
    • Sponsored posts
    • Retargeting Ads

Please note, set-up fees apply. Should you wish to engage our ads management services, we will prepare a custom proposal for you based on your budget and objectives.

Influencer Outreach

Influencer Marketing

We can assist you in creating a social media marketing strategy to ensure you are best positioned to take your brand to market.

If you’re working in digital marketing, you’ve no doubt heard of influencer marketing. For those of you that haven’t – influencer marketing (or influencer outreach) is essentially collaborating or partnering with digital influencers (or social media celebrities) to assist in the promotion of your brand.

Influencer outreach is one of the most powerful ways to increase brand awareness and build trust in your brand in an authentic and engaging way.

By tapping into the large following of likeminded influencers on platforms like Instagram and TikTok, you can put your product or service in front on your consumer in a way that really makes a difference for your business.

Are you looking to tap into the power of digital influencers to grow your business? Here at Melbourne Social Co we specialise in working with social media celebrities to take your marketing strategy to the next level!

Social Media Management

Which Social Media Platforms do we focus on?





When we say ‘Social Media Management’, what does that actually translate to?:

  • We can post the approved social media content daily to your selected social media channels
  • We can work with you to put together a response matrix plan, that determines how all customer/fan feedback is handled
  • Based on this plan, we can take care of all social media messages and comment responses on your behalf
  • We can monitor your social media channels in real time, during the hours of 9am-5pm, Mon-Fri
  • We are available for after hours community management and crisis support outside of these hours (at an additional cost)
  • We can engage with fans, likeminded brands and influencers on social media onbehalf of your brand to promote reach
  • We can network within relevant Facebook groups to promote your business
  • We can provide you with a monthly statistics report and suggested improvements

Consulting Sessions

Social Media 101 Training

Here’s what our workshop includes:


  • Introduction
  • The Social Media Landscape
    Overview of current social media landscape and current user data. Overview of industry specific social media landscape including key platforms, usage and activity.
  • Goals & Objectives
    Identifying overarching social media specific goals and objectives to inform social media output direction.
  • Target audience profiling
    Defining your social media target audience
  • Market Review (Including learnings from Market Review)
    Reviewing up to 3 key likeminded services and their social media behaviour, type of content they upload, aesthetically how they are portrayed and their social media ads. Lastly, some key learnings from these competitors and what can be applied to the client’s channels.
  • Social Media Audit & Channel Selection
    Review of existing social media channels and set-up recommendations
  • Visual Aesthetic
    Review of the brand social media look and feel and recommendations
  • Written Identity
    Review of tone of voice for social media output and recommendations
  • Content Recommendations
    Overview of the types of content to be posted on the chosen social media platforms
  • Content Pillars
    Outline of identified content pillars that could be shared throughout the social media campaign. This includes a discussion of what the content pillars are, and a broad explanation of how this can be executed by your team
  • Measurement and Social Media Reporting
    Outline of the key metrics of each social media channels your in-house team could be analysing on a monthly basis to assess success of the social media campaign

Sessions can take place in-person from our Melbourne, Collins Street Office, or via zoom. Sessions will generally run from 2-4 hours and suit those with a basic knowledge of social media. We recommend including up to 8 people from your business in a workshop but can cater to larger groups.

Would you like to know more or schedule in a session with our team? Get in touch today.

Social Media Strategy

A Roadmap

A roadmap to guide online communications for a designated period of time, a social media strategy is a transparent document used to outline a brand’s online goals and objectives, followed by the digital marketing methods recommended to achieve these.


Without a proportion of your business’s marketing budget dedicated to online exposure, your brand’s product or service is about as easy to find as a needle in your industry’s haystack. At Melbourne Social Co, our social media strategies demystify the steps to social media success and how to increase your brand’s visibility – both online and offline.

Strategic Thinking

Melbourne Social Co. offer a range of social media strategy services for businesses looking to begin building an online audience, expand on (or capitalise) current ‘noise’ they’re making or transform a business’s products or services from things people “want” to ‘things they needed yesterday”.

Bespoke Social Media Marketing Strategy

We can assist you in creating a social media marketing strategy to ensure you are best positioned to take your brand to market.

A Melbourne Social Co Strategy covers the following:

Part One – Review.

  • Executive Summary
  • Situation Analysis
  • The Social Media Landscape
  • Social Media News
  • Accounts to Inspire
  • Goals and Objectives
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Target Audience
  • Social Media Audit

Part Two – Strategy for Success.

  • Content Pillars
  • Content Types
  • Channel Roles
  • Content Schedule
  • Visual Identity
  • Tone of Voice Audit
  • Content Concepts
  • Organic Growth & Engagement
  • Paid Amplification & Awareness
  • Measurement
  • Next Steps and Timeframe

Above and beyond, our team can weave the following areas of marketing expertise into each brand’s social media strategy:

  • Launch communications and planning
  • Website design, development and project management

At Melbourne Social Co, we have a team of specialists in the fields of brand awareness, strategy, content creation, blogging and digital influencer outreach, community management, advertising, public relations, event management, website development, photography and graphic design.

Can you say you have all of those consultants working for you?

Strategy at Melbourne Social Co

In today’s digital age, having a robust social media strategy is no longer just an option; it’s a necessity for businesses looking to thrive in a competitive landscape.

Social media has evolved into a powerful tool for connecting with customers, building brand awareness, and driving sales.

Why Social Media Strategy Matters for Business

  1. Targeted Audience Engagement: A well-defined social media strategy allows businesses to identify and connect with their target audience effectively. By understanding the preferences, behaviors, and demographics of their audience, businesses can tailor their content and messaging to resonate with their followers, leading to higher engagement and conversion rates.
  2. Brand Awareness and Reputation Management: Social media provides businesses with a platform to amplify their brand presence and shape their online reputation. A strategic approach to social media enables businesses to showcase their unique value proposition, establish thought leadership, and foster meaningful connections with their audience, ultimately enhancing brand awareness and loyalty.
  3. Lead Generation and Sales Growth: Social media strategy plays a pivotal role in driving lead generation and sales growth. By implementing targeted advertising campaigns, leveraging user-generated content, and optimising conversion funnels, businesses can effectively nurture leads and convert them into loyal customers, driving revenue and business growth.

How Melbourne Social Co Can Help

At Melbourne Social Co, we understand the power of social media strategy in driving business success. Our team of experienced strategists specialises in crafting tailored social media strategies that align with your business goals and objectives. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness, drive lead generation, or boost sales, we’ve got you covered.

From conducting comprehensive audits and market research to developing and executing targeted campaigns, MSC offers end-to-end social media strategy services to help you maximise your online presence and achieve tangible results.

With a focus on innovation, creativity, and data-driven insights, we’ll work collaboratively with you to develop a customised strategy that sets your business apart from the competition.

Ready to elevate your business with a winning social media strategy? Contact Melbourne Social Co today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your business goals.

Content Creation Agency

Why Is Content Creation So Important?

  • Sharing content online gives you a genuine reason to connect with your consumer and build rapport
  • Engaging content builds brand loyalty through creating a connection between yourself and your consumer
  • Developing a signature style leads to brand recognition, giving you an edge over the competition
  • Digital content assists in Search Engine Optimisation and increases online traffic

Quality Is Key

But while digital content may be king (or Queen in our case), it’s the quality of your content that separates the men from the boys!

Here at Melbourne Social Co, we understand that when running a business, it can be a stressful and time-consuming juggling act trying to create engaging content, stay abreast of digital trends and consistently managing your social media presence.

That's Where We Come In!

Melbourne Social Co has a team of digital content creation experts at our fingertips. From copywriters and graphic designers to photographers and stylists, we have the right digital content creator to suit your business’ needs.

Bespoke Content Creation

Our content creation service can include:

  • Creative copywriting for social media. Our team will craft copy for creative social media posts on a regular basis, with a view to increasing engagement and reach across your chosen platforms, ultimately resulting in increased brand awareness. All posts created by our team are high quality and designed to represent your brand in a professional, sophisticated manner.
  • Graphic design. Because what is great copy without an equally great visual! Where required, our talented graphic design team will create gorgeous graphics (both still and animated) to accompany your social media posts
  • User generated content. We all know how important UGC is for any social strategy. While we build up a bank of customer UGC, our team can create our own UGC for use on your channels, promoting your brand in an authentic manner
  • Photography. In order to feed the hungry social media beast you’re going to require a bank of high quality, engaging imagery. Our amazing photographers can create beautiful images for you monthly, in both lifestyle and editorial styles.
  • Videography. Video content is an important part of any digital strategy. Our team can create a mix of short social media videos, including REELs, GIFs and animations. Longer videos can also be created upon request (but hey, we know short and sharp WORKS!)
  • Weekly trending recommendations. Trending content is key, and we will supply you with weekly trending content recommendations, and can turn around creation of trending content within 48 hours - while the trend is still relevant!

Want to get a feel for the type of content we produce? Visit us on Instagram.