Why Facebook algorithm changes aren’t as scary as we think

Why Facebook algorithm changes aren’t as scary as we think

On January 11th, Mark Zuckerberg announced a series of changes to the Facebook algorithm, designed to reduce excessive news and business related content and promote interaction between family and friends, dubbed ‘meaningful interactions.’ By returning to their social roots, the shift has alarm bells ringing for many businesses and organisations – shares in the site immediately fell four percent, effectively wiping over $3 billion from Zuckerberg’s net worth.

For news sites, this Facebook algorithm shift will also involve the prioritisation of news sources deemed ‘trustworthy’, while celebrities and influencers can also expect to see less of their posts in followers’ feeds. In terms of hard data, Zuckerberg committed to reducing news content in users’ feeds from five to four percent. The changes have been deeply concerning for organisations – entire social media strategies have been plunged into jeopardy and many businesses are searching for viable solutions.

However, Facebook algorithm changes and calls for more user tailored feeds are nothing new. In fact, Facebook made a strikingly similar commitment back in August of 2014. Back then, the site pledged to show less promotional and recycled content, causing similar uproar among content creators, businesses and influencers. However, as these previous changes have demonstrated, organisations providing quality content and genuine engagement with users have emerged unscathed from algorithm shifts.

Crucially, data shows actual page engagement declined over 20% in 2017, highlighting overall user fatigue caused by clickbait pages and duplicated, poor quality content. The removal of low quality pages from users’ feeds is therefore a positive for the site overall. By creating an environment that favours meaningful content tailored to a user’s tastes, Facebook is effectively creating a more trustworthy and reliable site for both individuals and businesses.

While the changes won’t perhaps be as catastrophic to existing marketing strategies as first thought, algorithm changes are a timely reminder as to the importance of a dynamic and meaningful content plan.

Why Facebook algorithm changes aren’t as scary as we think

So - what can you do to make sure your business content is seen and heard in 2018?

  • Quality Content

It underpins any successful marketing strategy. Users don’t want to feel spammed or overwhelmed by the pages they follow. Be mindful in the regularity of your postings and enforce a standard tone and length to your content. Remember, poorly written and untailored content is the main target of the Facebooks algorithm changes.

  • Prioritise building a genuine and targeted following

By creating content which users consistently click on, you can take advantage of the new algorithm which notes who is clicking on your content, and what they're clicking on, and knowingly promotes those pages.

  • Embedding Posts

Pinning key posts to your business’ page is a practical method of making sure your content isn’t lost in the fray amidst newsfeed changes. Make sure that as soon as a user clicks on your page, they are presented with the most relevant content as opposed to merely your most recent posts.

  • Facebook advertising

As actual page engagement declines, the importance of exploring a paid Facebook advertising campaign is continually increasing. Banners, page promotion, email opt ins and targeted viewers – advertising with Facebook is a multifaceted means of reaching your desired audience. Crucially, the algorithm for Facebook advertising is currently not being changed in tandem with these new shifts.

  • Broaden advertising to Facebook’s additional features

Increasingly, younger users are engaging less with the traditional Facebook interface in favour of the dedicated messenger app. Take advantage of changing user habits and target your advertising to within the messenger app. Similarly, Facebook live is an emerging method which promotes active user engagement, with endless opportunities for business promotion.

  • Like and share… and unfollow!

Promotions and competitions imploring users to like, share and tag your posts are set to be another casualty of the Facebook algorithm changes. Data suggests such competitions are a poor means of building an engaged audience, and worse, alienate your existing audience. In fact, many such competitions actually break Facebook’s community guidelines, running the risk of post or even entire page deletion. Choose your promotions and competitions wisely.

  • Influencers

According to Forbes, influencers are not currently bound by the same restrictions placed on businesses amid these new algorithm changes. For the time being at least, collaborating with influencers is more important than ever, especially if your business is currently not engaging in a paid promotion with Facebook. The key to a successful influencer collaboration is choosing an influencer that has a genuine link to your product or service or desired audience.

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Why you should invest in Facebook advertising

Why you should invest in Facebook advertising

Are you a bit skeptical when it comes to paid advertising on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram? Well, we’re here to show you the bright side because there are 1.3 billion active daily users out there for you to engage with! Here are some reasons why we love Facebook advertising.

Facebook ads are great because they help your business attain additional reach and exposure, and they’re also ideal for targeting purposes. Amazing right?! Another great thing about Facebook ads is the fabulous feedback you receive. You’re given important insights into your current and potential audiences, and information like this will help you craft even better ads in the future!

Facebook advertising allows you to select your audience based on location, demographics, interests and behaviours. This is the biggest drawcard of Facebook advertising by far: its targeting capabilities. For example, if you’re a skincare brand based in NSW with a young audience, you can set your Facebook ads to target those with an interest in skincare, beauty, and fashion, who are between the ages of 18 and 25 and are based within as little as 10kms of your targeted area. You can’t get much better than that!

Cheap cheap...that’s another reason we like Facebook advertising. Although traditional methods of advertising like radio ads and billboards can be successful, they often break the bank and this is not what small or new businesses want. You set the budget on your Facebook ads, whether it be $5 for a weeks promotion or $500 (hey big spender!) Facebook will work to get you the best results possible for that amount.

Do you want to know what’s big right now in the Facebook ads world? Video ads. Facebook is heavily investing in video content to try and steal time and attention away from TV and online streaming sites (*cough* Netflix). On average, 100 million hours of video is watched on Facebook every day. Crazy right? Get on that video content stat!

Another fabulous thing about Facebook is that it is the leading network when it comes to purchasing decisions. 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions so having your product/service sponsored for them to see is a great advantage!

So, Facebook advertising is pretty cool right! Have we convinced you to give it a go? We hope so!

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Why Facebook Live should be part of your digital marketing strategy

Why Facebook Live should be part of your digital marketing strategy

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, Facebook Live is one of key digital marketing tools for 2017 and if you haven’t already started using it for your business now is the time!

Facebook Live can help you take your social media marketing to the next level, by helping you create an engaging conversation with your followers, reach new audiences in new ways and connect with your current audience in a more personal and interactive way.

Ready to join the trend and get started?! Here are a couple of ways you can use Facebook Live as part of your business’s digital marketing strategy:

Showcase your product or service in action:

Sometimes the hardest job for marketers is to explain to their audience exactly what their service is or specific product features. That’s why Facebook Live is a great tool for showcasing these unique characteristics and benefits, in an engaging way that doesn’t rely on just imagery or text.

For example, if you offer a beauty service, why not use Facebook Live to demonstrate the beauty service in action? If you have a food or beverage product you could use Facebook Live to show off a great recipe.

Make it personal: 

Facebook Live is a great tool for sharing behind the scenes content to show a more personal side to your business. You could host an interview with key members of your staff, share some great behind the scenes content of a photoshoot, live auction or tour of your office. People love seeing the ‘real’ components (and people) in your business!

Encourage interaction:

As a business owner, chances are you’re an expert in your field. Share your knowledge, showcase your expertise and answer common questions through Facebook Live and while you’re doing that, encourage your audience to interact with you!

Ask them to comment their questions and answer your commenter by addressing them by name. This is a great way to build a relationship with your consumer and keep them hooked!

Ready to get started? Here are a few top tips to try now: 

  • Tell fans you’re broadcasting ahead of time: Post 2 – 3 sneak peeks or previews to encourage people to tune in when you go live
  • Always do a practice run
  • Film in a professional setting
  • Be creative!

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3 Steps To Facebook Success

3 Steps To Facebook Success

3 things to do to make your Facebook posts visible to your audience

Thanks to Facebook’s regularly changing algorithms, reaching your customers organically on the social media platform has never been more difficult.

Recent studies have suggested that approximately only 3% - 6% of your total fans view your posts, which means it’s vital to start implementing some key tactics to increase your reach and to get your Facebook content in front of more people.

Wondering how? Here are three things to try today...

Boost your posts:

One of the best ways to increase your reach and make your content visible to more people is through boosting. A boosted post is a post from your business page that, for a fee, can appear higher up on your audience’s News Feeds. The amount of people who view and engage with your post depends on the budget you want to spend.

Boosting posts is a great way to ensure that the right audience can view your Facebook page content as you can utilise key demographic targeting options including age, location, gender and interests as well as tailored budget and scheduling functions.

Post content your audience wants to see:

Another great way to make your Facebook content visible to your audience is to post content your audience wants to see, not just what you want to show them! This is important as the more people engage with your content, the greater the reach. To do this, think about who your target audience is and post content that is a mix of business promotion and general interest content you know they will respond to and engage with. 

Choose the right timing:

Choosing the right timing for your social media posts should be a vital part of your social media strategy! You’ll be amazed at the difference you get by posting content at optimal times. To do this, ensure you understand your demographic and their social media habits so you can post when they are active online in order to optimise engagement.

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Why your business needs to invest in Facebook advertising

Why your business needs to invest in Facebook advertising

A vital part of any Facebook marketing strategy is Facebook advertising – a great way to increase business awareness, grow page likes, gain valuable insights about your consumer and importantly, increase Facebook engagement and reach allowing you to develop a strong online Facebook community for your business or brand.

Want to know more? Here are some great reasons why your business needs to invest in Facebook advertising now:

Enhanced Audience Targeting:

Thanks to Facebook’s advanced targeting strategies, you can now reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business as well as existing customers by directly targeting them through a variety of tailored demographic variables. These include targeting specific age groups, locations, interests and behaviours so you can grow your online community and promote your business to a larger audience.

Development of An Online Community:

Perhaps one of the most important parts of your Facebook marketing objective is to build an online community around your business that is created through conversation, engagement and interaction between you as the business and your audience. Facebook advertising provokes this, by letting more people interested in your business and business industry see your page, your content and click through to your website to purchase your products or use your service.

Makes Your Content Visible:

Unfortunately with millions of businesses on Facebook, getting your content seen can be tricky, which is why Facebook has declared that paid content will be more visible. Investing in a small amount per week to boost your posts allows them to be seen by your current and new audiences.

Key Consumer Insights:

Thanks to the amazing insights on Facebook, Facebook advertising is a great way to clearly define and understand your audience across all demographic areas as well as to understand what products, services or content types your audiences are most interested in for more effective marketing.

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