One of the biggest social media platforms right now, Pinterest, is an essential digital marketing tool for many businesses.

How To Build A Following On Pinterest

One of the biggest social media platforms right now, Pinterest, is an essential digital marketing tool for many businesses.

However, building a following can be hard, so it’s important to build a strategy and to implement some great techniques to amp up your Pinterest profile and to develop an engaged online community.

Read on below for tips on how to grow your following on Pinterest.

Create niche boards:

In order to stand out from the crowd on Pinterest, a great tip is to create niche boards with titles and images that are very specific. This means you have a better chance to be found and can be followed by a specific and more engaged target audience.

Post to your most popular boards:

Regardless if you are new to the Pinterest world, or an expert, if you continue to pin most of your content to your most popular boards you know you will get a great response. There’s a reason people love those boards and chances are others will continue to discover your content!

Use keywords:

Pinterest images with keywords rank highly when they are searched for on Google, so ensure that you caption all your images with keywords that describe your board, theme and business. This will not only help people find you on Google, but it will attract the right target audience to respond to your boards, pins and profile.


Coming soon to Australia, Pinterest advertising is the next big thing to help you grow and expand your Pinterest community. You can selected two main campaign objectives, including boosting engagement with your pins, or increasing traffic to your website. All campaigns allow you to personalise your budget and target audience and track your campaign.


Don’t just leave your pinning to Pinterest. Promote your pinnable images on your website by adding a button that allows readers to pin your content straight from your site. Also adding in a follow section on your website, blog, email marketing and even sharing content on other social media networks will help to spread the word.

Have you got a Pinterest account that needs a boost or simply need some help getting started? Contact our expert team for some advice today.

4 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Pinterest

4 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Pinterest

One of the fastest growing platforms, Pinterest, has become an essential part of any digital marketing strategy, with its powerful Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) benefits, ability to increase traffic to your business website and an opportunity for pinners to become creatively interactive with your business.

Not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why your business should be on Pinterest.

Your target market is using it:

A recent survey announced that more than 100 million people are on Pinterest, which means there is a large consumer base just waiting for you to connect with. The target market is typically females under 40-years-old, who have broad interests in a range of topics including pets, fashion, food, travel, fitness, creative DIY, business and more.

Pinners want to engage with businesses:

According to Pinterest, a recent study has shown that when pinners were asked if they’d rather follow a celebrity or business, 83% said they would rather follow a business. This means Pinterest encourages active audiences who are keen to know about your product or service and engage in your business inspirations and interests. 

Your pins last forever:

There’s no secret that social media and content marketing is gold for Search Engine Optimisation and Pinterest is no exception. Unlike other forms of SEO strategies, your pins on Pinterest last forever. That means that as search and discovery are at the forefront of what makes pinners engaged, your content will always be there, available and searchable so they can be pinned, clicked on, liked and shared for many years to come.

Pinterest drives traffic:

If one of your main social media objectives is to get people to click through to your website, then Pinterest is the place to be. When you pin an image from your website, it allows pinners to then save that image onto their own boards, or simply click on that image to be taken to your business’s website for more information or to purchase your products or services.

Do you know how to strategically use Pinterest to boost SEO, increase website traffic and create an active online following for your business?

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