In terms of responsiveness, if brands actively engage with customers/users and respond to their audience in a timely manner, it will in turn help improve brand value and reputation. Customers feel a level of satisfaction when a brand publicly and directly acknowledges them, and this is in many cases followed by increased brand loyalty.

Community Focused

Customer service and responsiveness on social media shouldn’t be seen as a hassle, rather, as a valuable chance to improve and build brand value and reputation. No response is the worst kind of response there is, this advice is so important when dealing with customer communication on social media.  The longer a brand waits to address a customer, the more time there is for the initial issue or query to blow up into something bigger and harder to control. Leaving your audience unanswered can have major consequences for your brands’ overall reputation.


To put it simply, the more time you choose to dedicate to engaging with your audience, the better your social media endeavours and overall brand reputation will be.

To do it yourself or to outsource?

Need help managing your social media communities in a timely manner? Our local team of highly experienced community managers understand the importance of communicating on behalf of your brand. We get it, your social media manager is essentially the voice of your brand, and you don’t feel comfortable handing that off to just anybody.

Here at Melbourne Social Co, we treat your brand as if it’s our own, and handle every customer service scenario with care, even after hours.