Here’s what our workshop includes:


  • Introduction
  • The Social Media Landscape
    Overview of current social media landscape and current user data. Overview of industry specific social media landscape including key platforms, usage and activity.
  • Goals & Objectives
    Identifying overarching social media specific goals and objectives to inform social media output direction.
  • Target audience profiling
    Defining your social media target audience
  • Market Review (Including learnings from Market Review)
    Reviewing up to 3 key likeminded services and their social media behaviour, type of content they upload, aesthetically how they are portrayed and their social media ads. Lastly, some key learnings from these competitors and what can be applied to the client’s channels.
  • Social Media Audit & Channel Selection
    Review of existing social media channels and set-up recommendations
  • Visual Aesthetic
    Review of the brand social media look and feel and recommendations
  • Written Identity
    Review of tone of voice for social media output and recommendations
  • Content Recommendations
    Overview of the types of content to be posted on the chosen social media platforms
  • Content Pillars
    Outline of identified content pillars that could be shared throughout the social media campaign. This includes a discussion of what the content pillars are, and a broad explanation of how this can be executed by your team
  • Measurement and Social Media Reporting
    Outline of the key metrics of each social media channels your in-house team could be analysing on a monthly basis to assess success of the social media campaign

Sessions can take place in-person from our Melbourne, Collins Street Office, or via zoom. Sessions will generally run from 2-4 hours and suit those with a basic knowledge of social media. We recommend including up to 8 people from your business in a workshop but can cater to larger groups.

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