Influencer Events at Melbourne Social Co

Influencer Events at Melbourne Social Co

In December, we hosted a beautiful influencer brand showcase at our Moonee Ponds Studio. We were excited to share some of our lovely stable of brands with a gorgeous group of influencers. A big thank you to everyone who came along, we loved meeting you all!

At this event, we showcased a selection of our brands to influencers across the mummy, lifestyle, health and foodie space. This meant that we had a wide range of personalities who had a much broader reach.

Our guests were delighted with the variety of brands available at the event, and were able fill their goodie bags with products best suited to them. Some of the goodies included Avène skincare, Chris’ Dips, Chi Khi children’s clothing, Alessi Beverages and many more. One lucky winner was also the recipient of a brand new Fitbit Versa 2, from our friends at Fitbit. 

We had such incredible feedback from our guests. Firstly, being that they loved seeing all the products displayed on the tables. This allowed our influencers to take home products which they feel are most relevant to them and their needs. Secondly, they loved the ability to be able to ask and find out more about the products by having our staff there rather than going home and having questions. 

Collectively, the Instagram followers of all the influencers reached 310,502. There was over 90 Instagram Stories and approximately 30 posts on Instagram. 

Influencer Events at Melbourne Social Co
Influencer Events at Melbourne Social Co

If you’re a Melbourne based influencer and would like to join our mailing list, please reach out to [email protected]. Or, if you’re a brand who would like to go on the waitlist for our next showcase, please email [email protected].

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Top tips for successful influencer collaborations - by an Influencer

Top tips for successful influencer collaborations - by an Influencer

Unless you’ve been sleeping under a technological rock (assuming one without wifi), you’ve probably heard a little about social media ‘influencers’ and the benefits that follow from collaborating with them to help endorse a particular product or service. This new avenue for content creation and distribution has been a blessing for advertising and marketing businesses, making for a unique, timely and cost effective service available to clients.

This week we're chatting to our Senior Content Creator Alice Honey about the in's and out's of influencer outreach.

As a Senior Content Creator and ‘Micro Influencer’, I find myself on both sides of the equation when it comes to understanding the logistics behind what it takes to facilitate successful influencer collaborations.  Here are a few tops tips, consisting of what I consider the most important factors to be considered by an agency or business when embarking into the world of digital collaboration with influencers and online personalities.

Pick the right influencers for your brand:

Whether you’re outsourcing for a client or your own business, it’s extremely important to consider what it is you hope to achieve from your influencer collaboration. Be sure to pick an individual to work with that you feel can meet your expectations. It’s essential to consider the visual style of the influencer and whether your product or service is something their online presence/brand would convincingly align with. Managing yours or your clients expectations by reaching out to well considered individuals sets you up for success.

Make the brief clear:

Once you’ve reached out to an influencer who is willing to work with your particular product or service, write a clear and concise brief that outlines your expectations of the work they produce (if any). This can be short and sweet, or in-depth depending on the size of the project. The more detail you can provide, the easier it will be for an influencer to work with your product and reduces the risk of receiving undesirable content for your brand. Creating a seamless brand-influencer relationship can open up future opportunities between both parties and create a sense of loyalty to your brand or client.

Pay for your collaboration:

I would strongly recommend considering adequate remuneration for an influencer’s time and work, in order to get the most of out the collaboration. By paying an individual for their content creation services, you are able to be more specific as to your requirements/brief outline, and in return will receive more considered and high quality work from your influencer. A reasonable price for influencer services can usually be determined via contacting them or their management directly, however it is important to keep in mind that the more well-known or ‘influential’ they are, the higher their price will likely be.

There are always going to be variables when it comes to collaborating with digital influencers. Taking adequate steps and being professional, yet approachable is without a doubt the best way to make the most of your collaboration and solidify positive brand-consumer relationships.

Want more handy hints on influencer outreach? Read more here.

Watch Alice's top tips on how to get the perfect shot for Instagram here.

Top tips for successful influencer collaborations - by an Influencer

There are so many reasons why using influencers is a great marketing tool for your brand, including creating brand awareness, fostering consumer trust, and an excellent ROI (return on investment) compared to other media investments.

How to choose a digital influencer to work with

There are so many reasons why using influencers is a great marketing tool for your brand, including creating brand awareness, fostering consumer trust, and an excellent ROI (return on investment) compared to other media investments. With influencer marketing, you’re effectively investing in quality content, media costs and celebrity endorsement in the one go, and if you choose the right influencers to work with, you can see some great results.

Here are our top tips for choosing influencers for your brand:

Followers, Engagement & Budgeting

The size of your brand and your budget will determine whether you partner with micro or macro influencers. A micro influencer has between 1000-10,000 followers, and generally yields an 8% engagement rate. While your content is reaching a smaller audience, this audience is generally highly targeted. Micro-influencers are generally cheaper, and some may even promote your brand for free in exchange for samples, however this is not the norm. Macro influencers have 10,000-100,000 followers, with an average engagement rate of 4%. These influencers will reach a larger audience, which may not be as targeted as your micro influencers, however can perform excellently if you choose an influencer who matches your brand target audience.

Budgeting for influencer campaigns can be tricky, as each influencer sets their own rates, which aren’t necessarily consistent across the market. As a general guide, between $25-75 per thousand followers is standard.

The Warning Signs

The biggest concern with consumer marketing is that the money you invest won’t turn into brand conversions or customers, and the biggest risk of this is if the ‘influencer’ has bought their likes or followers. To avoid making a poor investment:

  • Take a look at their likes and comments, and compare these to the average engagement rates for their followers. If they’re only getting 100-200 likes with 50,000 followers, it’s almost guaranteed their followers aren’t organic.
  • Take a look at their content. Is this an account you’d follow? Is their content original? If an influencer’s content doesn’t meet this criteria, it’s worth wondering whether you want to pay them to represent your brand. If you’re not interested in what their posting, chances are your audience won’t be either.
  • What brands have they partnered with in the past? The value of consumer marketing can be lost if they’re promoting your brand directly alongside your competitors. One of the advantages of using micro-influencers is the reduced risk of existing sponsorships.

If you’re interested in influencer marketing or would like to plan your digital campaign, contact us at [email protected]

How to choose a digital influencer to work with
Image via @AliceHoney

Working with Digital Influencers

Working with Digital Influencers

If you're working in marketing or PR in 2016, you've no doubt heard of influencer marketing. For those of you that haven't - influencer marketing is essentially collaborating or partnering with digital influencers (or social media celebrities) to assist in the promotion of your brand.

Influencer marketing is one of the most powerful ways to increase brand awareness and build trust in your brand in an authentic and engaging way.

By tapping into the large following of likeminded influencers on platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, you can put your product or service in front on your consumer in a way that really makes a difference for your business.

So if you’re looking to begin working with digital influencers, here are some great ways to get started!

Social media takeovers and collaborations:

One of the best ways to grow your brand awareness and to develop trust with your consumers is by getting a key digital influencer to create co-branded content or even 'take over' your social media channels. An influencer could share a “day in their life”, create a series of images that showcase your products, write a blog filled with their top tips and tricks (tying back to your product or service) or take their fans on a 'behind the scenes' tour of your brand.

Consumers love to engage in content created by their favourite online personalities and by tapping into their fan-base, your collaboration is likely to attract more followers for your business accounts as well.


There’s no better way to get people engaged in your brand than by doing giveaways! Everyone loves a free product or service and consumers are more likely to engage and interact with your promotion if you tap into digital influencers to share and promote the giveaway to their followers.

Product reviews: 

While you may know that your product or service is great, one of the most challenging aspects of being a business owner is convincing your consumers. Using digital influencers to recommend your brand is a great way to do this, as they have a huge loyal and trusting fan base that are eager to hear more about their reviews and recommendations. A recent study has shown that 92% of consumers trust recommendations from peers or trusted authorities and likewise, a massive 72% of people rely on social media to inform their purchasing decisions. So what are you waiting for?

Are you looking to tap into the power of digital influencers to grow your business? Here at Melbourne Social Co we specialise in working with social media celebrities to take your marketing strategy to the next level!

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Using PR To Grow Your Business

Using PR To Grow Your Business

Public Relations is a vital component of any business communications strategy, as it helps to build brand awareness, develop lasting relationships with media, customers and key influencers and showcase your product or service in a new way.

By using a range of PR strategies including pitching for editorial coverage, hosting influencer events, sampling campaigns and distributing media kits, you can get your business ‘out there’ and in the minds of your target audience - leading to increased awareness for your brand.

Read on for 3 ways PR can help grow your business today:

Generate media coverage:

PR is a really great way to generate media coverage about your business and share your story to your target audience through high quality content.

From blogs, magazines, newspapers, TV and radio, the options are endless with ways journalists, bloggers and key influencers can promote your business in an engaging, refreshing and interesting way.

Recent studies have shown that PR is almost 90% more effective than traditional paid advertising, as consumers trust this form of media coverage as it comes from a third party source rather than the business itself.

Showcase your product in a different way:

Whether you choose to host a fun event or simply want to send out beautiful media packages (featuring your product and marketing material) to bloggers, journalists and more, PR gives you the opportunity to showcase your product or service in a new and creative way that helps you stand out from the crowd.

By stepping out of the box and getting creative with your PR strategies, you can increase brand awareness and develop lasting relationship with people that will help to grow your business.

Share your own story:

Perhaps one of the most powerful things about PR is that it gives your business a voice. Through the above-mentioned strategies like media coverage, media packages, events and a whole lot more – you have the chance to share your business story in a positive and respected way that people want to listen to.

By working with PR professionals like us here at Melbourne Social Co, we can help share the great things about your business to your target audience so your business can keep on growing!

Are you ready to use PR to grow and build your business? Get in touch with Melbourne Social Co today!

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