We all have days at work where we feel like it’s never going end, where we feel super unproductive, unmotivated and frankly, distracted.  Even if you love your job, work can be draining, but to avoid feeling down on your workday we’d like to offer you some of our wonderful workday hacks!

Organise your morning

Let’s start at the very beginning; give yourself as much time as possible in the morning to avoid bringing that rushed stress with you to work. Waking up late, skipping breakfast and other disorganised behaviours won’t benefit your workday, the stress of rushing around, being tired, will have a negative impact and set the tone for your entire day. Get organised and start your day stress free!

Go from worst to best

Starting off with your most dreaded task gets them out of the way and means your day can only go up from there. By doing the tasks you like the least you can look forward to the more rewarding work and know that you’ve got better things to come throughout the day!

Stay hydrated!

Now, not only is this a great life hack, but also it’s a really important workday hack as well. This may seem obvious, but it’s something many of us overlook and forget about throughout the workday. Staying hydrated helps eliminate the risk of headaches, fatigue and distraction throughout your workday, so bring a water bottle with you and keep your fluids up!

Don’t sweat the small stuff

We’re all perfectionist when it comes to our work, but it’s important not to dwell on the things we can’t control.  Keep things moving throughout your workday and remind yourself not to sweat the small stuff, this will ensure your work doesn’t come to a standstill and you’re being as productive as possible.

Love what you do!

Everyone has heard the saying ‘If you love what you do you’ll never work a day in your life’ and we couldn’t agree with that more. If you enjoy your work, have a passion for it and truly love what you do then that is the biggest workday hack of them all!

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