Here at Melbourne Social Co we’ve put together our top tips to create a happier and more exciting workplace!

Don’t put up with a dull workplace that stifles your creativity, considering how much time we spend at work each week. A happy and exciting workplace is important to boost productivity and workplace pleasure.

Inspirational quotes and messages

Why not surround yourself with words that inspire and motivate you to do your best. The workplace can get a little dull so adding anything that stimulates employees and pushes them to be their best is a great way to improve and strengthen a workplace. Check out some of our fave inspo quotes here at Melbourne Social Co.

Desk plants and flowers

Bring some Zen to the office! Here at Melbourne Social Co we love adding some gorgeous greenery or fresh blooms to the workplace. It’s good for the soul and the mind. Studies have shown that plants can boost office productivity and happiness, so why not brighten up the workplace!

Personalise your workspace

Your workplace is essentially your second home; with the amount of time spent at work it should reflect you! Add some personal touches to your workspace to make yourself more comfortable and at home.

Get an office mug that will make your day, everyday

Stop using the generic workplace provided mugs and get yourself a mug that’ll make you smile! Even something as small as having groovy mug can improve your mood at work and in turn will help to create a happier workplace.


Clutter creates stress, and there is no place for unnecessary stress in the workplace. Do yourself a favour and remove the clutter and mess from your workplace to ensure you can be as efficient as possible!

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Tips to create a happier and more exciting workplace!
Tips to create a happier and more exciting workplace!