Most businesses today understand the importance of social media marketing, however determining which platforms are right for your business can be hard.

With everything from Twitter, Facebook to Snapchat and LinkedIn, each social media platform plays a different but integral part when it comes to your social media strategy.

So if you’re having trouble deciding on the right platforms to choose to grow your business and engage your audience, read on below for our top tips.

Determine your purpose and goals:

In order to figure out which are the best platforms to use, you have to determine what your purpose and goals on social media are. For example if your goal is to network and connect with potential clients or companies for business, then LinkedIn is great. If you would like to portray a creative and visual side of your business then Pinterest and Instagram are a must.

Identify your target audience:

The best part about social media is that you have the chance to engage one-on-one with your target audience through unique content and conversation. However, there’s no point posting content that your target audience won’t see because they don’t use that platform. That’s why it’s vital to determine who they are, what their interests are, and what platforms they use the most, so you know you will reach them.

Highlight the best parts of your business:

What is your business really about? Does it have a visual and creative product to sell, or it is more service driven? Keeping that in mind, think of the best platforms that will portray these key qualities and unique selling points of your business. By identifying your business’s strengths, you will be able to choose the best platform (as well as start to create a content strategy based on these key features.)

A few key questions to ask:

  1. What is the unique purpose of this social media platform?
  2. Will using it showcase the best parts of my business?
  3. Is my target audience on this platform?

Are you just getting started on social media and need some help choosing the right platforms? Or are you an established business needing to improve your current social media marketing strategy?

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