Thinking about whether to manage your social media accounts in-house or to outsource to a professional?

We’re sharing a few points on why it’s a good idea to outsource your social media management requirements to a professional or agency.

1. Content creation

Having a professional manage your social accounts opens the door to amazing, expert content creation. Not only will your content be creative and of a professional standard, it will also be visually consistent and add to the overall aesthetic of your social pages.

2. Stay ahead of the trends

When you work with a professional, you’re tapping into their years of broad experience in social media! It’s your social media manager’s job to stay up to date with all of the latest digital trends and they will adapt this knowledge to your business.

3. Consistent & professional tone of voice

It is very important when managing a social account, that the tone of voice of the account is consistent and professional.  If a social account is managed internally and shared around amongst a team, the tone and professionalism of posts will differ. However, if the account management is outsourced, it will prevent variation in tone and keep the entire account consistent and professional.

4. Increase engagement

Managing your social media account is a daily task, but it can sometimes come second to the day-to-day tasks you have when running a business. Having a pro managing your social media means that no comment will go unanswered and social media can stay a priority without taking away time from the business. Not only will this make your business more personable and real, but it will increase your engagement rates, which will lead to your content appearing higher in your followers’ feeds.

5. Reliability

Want to remove any unnecessary worry from your day? With a dedicated professional managing the account you can depend on them to post at the right times and provide a reliable account to engage with followers – this includes after hours!

6. It’s a time saver

Who doesn’t love saving time? By hiring a professional to head your social media it’s one less thing you, as a business, need to do.  With your social accounts in more than capable hands, it gives you time to focus on other pressing matters.

7. Accountability

The great thing about using a professional to manage your socials is the level of accountability they bring. Clients expect a certain level of responsibility when outsourcing and a professional will record and measure the work their doing. This helps them meet the client’s needs and also holds them accountable for the work their doing.

8. It’s Fun

To put it simply, social media is fun, especially to those who have made it their career. By hiring a professional to manage your social media, you are guaranteed a committed worker who absolutely loves what they’re doing.

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Social Media Management - 8 reasons to outsource to a professional