When using social media for your business there are some key rules to follow to ensure that you always represent your brand in the best way possible when interacting online.

Don’t know your social media etiquette basics? Here are a few things to remember before you hit publish.

Fill out your online profiles completely:

There’s nothing worse than viewing a social media account with incomplete information about a business. Ensure you always include ‘about us’ info, a link to your website, contact information, and opening/closing hours if relevant.

Share information that is of value to your audience and always keep your target audience in mind:

When posting on social media, sometimes it can be easy to forget who you are actually talking to online. That’s why before you hit publish, it’s a good idea to ask yourself would my target audience be interested in this? Will this content be of value to them?

Don’t over share:

Finding time to post on social media when you don’t have a professional social media account manager can be hard and a lot of businesses fall into the trap of posting multiple things at once when they find a spare moment. This spams your audience, causing them to switch off from the content you are posting, or unfollow you. If you are having trouble finding time, or determining the perfect amount of posts to share on your social media accounts it’s best to chat to a professional social media manager who advise you on what might work best for your brand.

Check for spelling and grammatical errors:

It goes without saying! Plan your content in a word document or excel sheet beforehand to ensure you check for any mistakes.

Remember social media is public and permanent:

Before you post something for your business, remind yourself that there is the potential for everyone to see this content (including new clients or family members) so ensure it is respectful and professional and that it represents your business in the best way.


Social media is social after all right? Make sure you are active on social media throughout the day so you can respond to any messages or comments as they come. Fans (and potential customers) love it when you answer their questions or reply to their thoughts in a timely manner and it’s a great way to develop a two-way relationship with your customer.

Do you need help implementing the basic social media etiquette rules? Or are you struggling to find the time to manage your accounts professionally? Melbourne Social Co has an experienced team of digital marketers on hand to help your business stand out from the crowd online.

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