Tik Tok for business

Tik Tok for Business 101

Over the last few months, the social media platform Tik Tok has taken the world by storm. Once seen as the “bizarre app kids spend too much time on”, now has many of us addicted to endless scrolling! (Hands up if this has happened to you.)

But should your business have a presence on Tik Tok? The short answer, yes.

Here at Melbourne Social Co., we pride ourselves on always having a creative approach to the digital marketing space and staying across the latest trends. This means trying new features on platforms, exploring new apps and always keeping content fresh and interesting to enhance a business’s presence on social media. If there is potential to promote and drive traffic to our clients via a new platform - we're right across it.

So - how can you get started on Tik Tok? The best way to get noticed on new social media apps is to make an account and start giving it a go! Simple right? Okay, perhaps its' a little more strategic than that, but with any new social media platform, practice - and the investment of time, are key.

Below are 3 easy ways you can get started.

1. Set up your account
This is as simple as following the prompts on the app! Ensure that your username and profile image are clear and the same as your business. We see the temptation of calling yourself CoolChick101 but trust us; please don’t… it always seems like a good idea at the time. Oh, and make sure you link your website or other social media handles in your bio!

2. Create your first video
This might be a simple video explaining your brand and what you're about, whilst showing your product range or service. Try adding music or effects to ensure that content is captivating and interesting to watch.

3. Interact with other creators
Follow other business accounts that are in a similar field to you and interact with them! We would also recommend following some bigger brands, to keep up with trends and tracks that are doing well.

So, what are you waiting for?

Download the app (or just open it, we all know you already have it 🤪).

We promise it’s not that scary, you’ve got this.

Tik Tok for business

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If you run a business or work in marketing you've no doubt heard the news - Instagram has removed visible 'likes' in Australia, in a new trial to combat mental health issues.

Quality Instagram Content Over Vanity Metrics

If you run a business or work in marketing you've no doubt heard the news - Instagram has removed visible 'likes' in Australia, in a new trial to combat mental health issues, making the sharing of high quality Instagram content more important than ever.

What does this Instagram change mean for business?

Don't worry, it's not the game changer you may think it is. Take a step back and remember why you're marketing your business on social media. Is it so that others can see how many likes you have? No, of course it's not! It's to promote your brand, and achieve your business objectives, such as driving traffic to your website, sharing your company's culture, and selling your product and/or service.

Instagram content is still king.

When it comes to digital strategy, we always encourage our clients to focus on high quality, engaging content, over chasing vanity metrics such as cheap likes or follows.

When it comes to digital strategy, we always encourage our clients to focus on high quality, engaging content, over chasing vanity metrics such as cheap likes or follows.

Yes, your stats may look like they've gone down a little this month. We have seen a bit of a drop-off in engagement across the board following this platform change. But that being said, we're still seeing strong conversions across our portfolio of clients. The things that really matter, such as taps through to website, purchases on shoppable products, story views and more are as strong as they've always been.

Is removing visible ‘likes’ actually a positive for business? 

It may be too early to tell, but the general consensus at Melbourne Social Co HQ is that there are some serious positives we can take from this move, particularly for small business. By removing the ability for people to see how many likes a post has achieved, smaller accounts will be able to better compete with established accounts that have built up large followings already. The focus will now shift back towards the quality of your Instagram content, and the real conversations you create with your community. Your business will now no longer have to compete with businesses who buy ‘fake’ likes for appearances sake, and you'll be able to request more transparency with the influencers you engage with, by potentially having access to their back-end analytics.

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The difference between Paid and Earned Media

The difference between Paid and Earned Media

If you own a brand or business, it’s likely (we hope) that you’ve ventured into the world of social media to advertise it. All the while, you’ve probably been exposed to ‘paid media’ and ‘earned media’, while having limited understanding of what these terms mean.

The difference between Paid and Earned Media

To help you understand how ‘paid media’ and ‘earned media’ impact your digital marketing strategy, we’ve decided to break down and compare these two terms. Wondering what they mean? Read on below:

Paid Media:

Paid media can be considered the more traditional form of advertising – that is, as conventional as it can be when it comes to digital marketing. Paid media involves paying social media platforms to advertise your brand in the form of sponsored and targeted ads. More specifically, the channel is able to target specific groups that will be interested in your brand.

Paid media and social media are a match made in marketing heaven. The use of user data and analytics by social media platforms means that these channels are able to effectively target your audience in ways that traditional paid media can’t. Paid media also allows you to reach your audience in ways that you cannot achieve independently, and provides you with accurate and easy ways to measure your impact. 

We all know that you get what you pay for, so if you’re looking for unmatched reach and control, paid media should be a vital element of your digital marketing strategy.

Earned Media:

Earned media refers to the publicity gained through engagement from your audience. The people who engage with your brand are given a microphone, which provides you with free publicity in the form of comments, likes, shares, reviews and mentions. 

This may seem like a daunting prospect for all of you out there striving to put your brand on the radar, but rest assured knowing that earned media is reflective of the quality of your brand. 

Earned media allows your brand's exposure to grow beyond the traditional boundaries of advertising, and have its voice wedged into every nook and cranny of the social media platforms it inhabits. With this being said, earned media simply can't operate on its own - consumers responsible for the creation of earned media need to react to paid and earned media.

What makes earned media attractive for brands and businesses is that it’s completely free. However, the payment that you make for earned media is the inability to control it and measure its effectiveness. Although this prospect is daunting, if your brand continually produces well-curated content, earned media will most likely reflect the same quality.

And the winner is...

Paid media and earned media are two sides of the same stone; one is unable to exist without the other. On one hand, paid media provides excellent targeting and control. On the other, earned media allows your brand to gain exposure in new and unconventional areas of social media, and enter the consciousness of the consumer from a peer perspective. Each format functions most effectively when the other is also in use. Therefore, to perfect your digital marketing mix, it’s best to include both paid and earned media. 

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Five Digital Trends That Will Stick Around For 2019

Five Digital Trends That Will Stick Around For 2019

Digital Trends to look out for in 2019.

As we head into the new year, we find many businesses consider that it might be time to rethink their social media strategy for 2019. Around this time of year, we hear resolutions and goals being thrown around such as “This year I want to double my following” or “I’m going to much more ahead of my social media planning”, but how do you actually go about doing that?

To help our clients, we’ve pin pointed a few trends that are likely to stick around this year. Based on our own research and professional experience, below are a few digital marketing trends we suggest taking a look at for the upcoming year;

Content Will Still Reign

Content marketing will continue to be a crucial component of digital marketing. The quality is always going to be the focal point, but there’s also an increased interest in who the intended audience is. Having a more in depth understanding of a targeted market, and the ability to target that market more precisely is a rising trend in creating effective marketing.

While general content for the mass audience will always be important, specialised content for specific industries can also produce impressive results. A combination of specific content and constantly improving techniques for measuring content effectiveness, content marketing remains relevant and essential in 2019.

Video Marketing Continues To Rise

Video marketing will be the leader of digital trends in 2019. It is predicted that 80% of the online content will take up the form of visual representation. The videos will be the focal point of any marketing strategy as these will distribute the message in a better way while providing entertainment to the viewers.

Video has become a favourite form of communication since the rapid adoption of smartphones and social media apps. More than ever, we are seeing that video content does not have to have a high production value. Don’t shy away from pulling your smartphone out and recording a message to your potential customers about a recent win or to share some insights that will be valuable to them! 

Chatbots Are Here To Stay

This AI based tech uses instant messaging to chat in real time, 24/7 with your customers or site visitors. Chatbots are here to stay as many customers prefer interacting with a chatbot as they are responsive, give answers almost immediately, they recall your entire buying history and best of all, they never lose patience. 

Sephora is the perfect example of an advanced business. You can get all kinds of make-up tips if you chat to Sephora using the Kik App. The personal assistant feature also provides you with product reviews when you’re shopping in a store. 

Email Is Getting More Personalised

Email continues to be a strong contender as a channel of communication with billions still using it for work, personal and commercial purposes. In fact, “Email remains a significantly more effective way to acquire customers than social media- nearly 40 times that of Facebook and Twitter combined”- McKinsey & Company.

In 2019, a combination of automation and more importantly, personalisation will make email marketing effective. 

 If you feel stuck on gaining a customer database, the easiest thing to do is run a competition. The old age marketing trick of attracting people to your brand by giving something away still works!


The stories format has boomed in 2018 on platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp. It is even being tested by Linkedin! 

Brands need to consider that although posts with high resolution and quality production values are still important, less polished, more intimate content performs better in the stories format. Consumers often feel more comfortable with brands when to see raw but authentic, in the moment views into the backgrounds of brands. 

It’s not too late to start planning your digital marketing strategy for 2019, and our sister company The Social Co Academy can help brush up those skills! Check out their training resources here

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Five Digital Trends That Will Stick Around For 2019
Five Digital Trends That Will Stick Around For 2019

Creative ways to get into the Christmas spirit

Creative ways to get into the Christmas spirit

It’s nearly Christmas time and that means it’s time to add some festive cheer to your brands' social media calendar!

Christmas is all around us and it’s important to adjust your online presence to reflect the season.

Give your profile some Christmas flare!

Now that December is here, everyone’s mind turns to Christmas, so go with the flow and spruce up your profile with some Christmas cheer.  You don’t have to go overboard and flood your profile with Christmas themed tweaks, but think about giving your profile picture some snow flakes, or some festive baubles. Put a cheery Christmas greeting in your bio; adding a festive touch to your profile will make sure your audience is feeling the Christmas vibe from you.

Christmas Offers

Music to the ears of Christmas lovers! Christmas discounts, December offers, it’s all part of the festive season, and it is definitely something your brand should consider.  Whether that is discounts, buy one get one free, contests or any sort of offer prompted by the festive season, it’s a great way to generate excitement and festivity over the Christmas period.

Embrace the spirit of giving

Christmas is about giving, and this should be embraced by brands wanting to celebrate this festive season.  Christmas is a time where sales can sky rocket, where audience engagement will rise, but it is also important to embrace the spirit of giving back this Christmas, and doing so to your followers. Giving back to your loyal followers is an amazing way to embrace the spirit of Christmas.

Having the Christmas spirit present in your social media is so important. Christmas is such a big part of social (and shopping) culture of today that you would be foolish not to use this joyful time to your brands advantage!

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Creative ways to get into the Christmas spirit
Creative ways to get into the Christmas spirit

Tips for starting a creative career

Tips for starting a creative career

The creative industry is thriving right now, with the rise of digital marketing, Instagram influencers and the world’s obsession with all things social; a creative career is the popular choice right now.

While a creative career doesn’t necessarily require academic studying, there are things you need to learn before delving into the creative world. When embarking on any career, it is important you arm yourself with as much knowledge as you can, and the same goes for starting your creative career. Here are some tips to ensure the success of your big career move!

Find a course that’s right for you!

Just because a creative career doesn’t necessarily require a university degree, doesn’t mean there’s not a lot to learn! Our sister brand The Social Co Academy has amazing online courses on offer. Their amazing courses were recently featured in Fashion Journal as a course to help kick-start your creative career. The courses will help you learn how to master social media marketing from the comfort of your home, teaching you everything you need to know!

Take inspiration from those with established creative careers!

Scroll through instagram and get inspired by the people who are doing it right. It can be hard to find the right balance on social media; so don’t be afraid to look to your fellow creators for inspiration and ideas. Establishing a creative career doesn’t come easily, so be sure to keep up with the latest trends and content appearing in your career space!

Be flexible!

Social media is ever changing, and you should be to! Learning to be flexible in any career will help you stay at the top of your game. Adapting and changing, as you need, will help keep your content and ideas fresh and ensure you stay relevant in the fast paced creative world.

Want to know more about The Social Co Academy?

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Or, maybe you're looking for the perfect internship to get your foot in the door at a creative agency.

Tips for starting a creative career
Tips for starting a creative career

The importance of consistency on Social Media

The most successful brands on social media make sure their brands are consistent and professional at all times. This week we’re chatting to our Digital Marketing Specialist, Sam Gray to get her insight into the importance of consistency on social media.

  1. Is it necessary to be active on all social media platforms? 

Not necessarily – it’s important to establish your target audience before you start your social media strategy.

If your target audience isn’t on a particular platform, then it’s probably more beneficial to concentrate your energy and resources into a few key platforms instead of trying to master them all.

  1. Tell us a few social media faux pas that affect the consistency of a brand’s online presence.

It can be easy to get caught up in regramming photos that people have taken of your product or at your venue. Everyone has their own unique flare and social media persona, so regramming too often can confuse your own theme and social media identity.

Try not to go too crazy with the filters either! Just tweaking your photos by up-ing their brightness and sharpness is all you need to do to prep them to go live on your account.

  1. How important is regular posting?

A regular posting schedule is super important to maintain and build engagement rates.

Delving into your stats will help you decipher which days and times are best for you to post so you can establish a consistent posting schedule.

  1. Stock images or original content? What is better for consistency?

Creating original content is the best way to maintain consistency across your social feed. If you struggle to consistently develop original content, using stock quote templates is a good way to keep up with your posting schedule, while giving you a break to get your creative juices flowing again!

What elements make for visual consistency across social media?

There’s a few elements you can implement into your social strategy to create a consistent aesthetic. Here’s a few things to consider when establishing your visual identity:

  • Colour story and style guide, including key fonts and preferred colours
  • Photography style
  • Scheduling patterns e.g. posting a quote, flatlay then product image to keep your feed in a strict grid
  1. Do you think tone and personality in text play a large role in keeping your socials consistent?

100%! Whether it’s short and snappy, full of colloquial language and slang or product focused – your copy should always stay consistent and true to your brand’s identity.

  1. What links are there, if any, between engagement and consistency on social media?

It’s all about consistency! It’s important that your audience is able to identify your content, without seeing your handle! Consistency in copy, content and scheduling should be the main pillars of your social media strategy. If your audience starts to recognise and love your content, engagement will follow!

  1. Quantity or quality when it comes to your social media profile?

I would say quality over quantity! If you can only manage to get a few posts up a week, make sure that they’re great posts – look at when your audience is most likely to be online and try to get them out on these days every week to help your engagement rate grow.

Want to chat to a member of our team about your digital strategy? Contact us today.

The Importance of a Digital Strategy - Tips from our Senior Strategist

The Importance of a Digital Strategy

Being a digital marketing agency, it’s no secret we place great importance on digital strategy and planning. This week we're chatting with our Senior Creative Strategist, Michaela Skilney, who gives some insight into her approach to digital strategy and its significance.

  • What challenges do you face when developing a digital strategy?

One of the biggest challenges I face when developing digital strategies for clients is reconciling what’s a reasonable and realistic outcome for a campaign, and what the client expects to achieve. It’s essential to set goals and aspire to reach particular objectives, however social media isn’t an exact science.

More often than not, clients are under the false illusion that an agency can guarantee what content will go viral and how many followers they can attract. The truth is, if an agency can guarantee those types of outcomes, they’ll be employing the likes of automated bots, which are completely at odds with all platform’s T&Cs (and I would be running in the opposite direction!)

What a digital strategy can guarantee is that your social media presence is the greatest reflection of your brand, your offering and what appeals to your audience.

  • Does your approach differ client to client?

Every client, regardless of how similar their product, service or audience is, will have a unique set of goals, a unique promotional calendar and to be successful, unique selling points. It’s therefore impossible to adopt a one-size-fits-all-approach from client to client. It may be less efficient on paper this way, to view client’s in isolation, but that’s the difference between what you get with a boutique agency like ours versus a strategy template you can download online!

  • In your opinion, is having a digital strategy as significant as a traditional marketing plan?

Regardless of what medium you’re working in – traditional or digital marketing – a strategy is essential to give your efforts a sense of purpose. Without strategic thought and planning prior to the commencement of a campaign, you’re essentially setting yourself up to fail. Without the right preparation, you find you’ll always be in reactive mode and constantly behind the 8-ball!

  • When developing a digital strategy, what research is involved?

There’s a ton of research involved when developing a digital strategy, predominantly around target audiences and their digital user habits. Most of the time, clients know their brands intimately and can share the history of their business off the top of their heads. What they mightn’t know, where I come in, is who their current digital audience is, and whether that marries with who they want it to be. The purpose – and outcome – of any digital content, whether that be a social media post, a blog or an EDM (electronic direct mail), is that it will reach someone and be consumed. Research at the digital strategy phase allows for your content to be targeted and seen by those you want to engage.

  • Where’s the best place to start when constructing a digital strategy?

In order to create a digital strategy – a plan of attack for a brand that truly speaks to who they are and who they want to be – I need to fully immerse myself in what they do so that the end result feels as though it’s been crafted in-house. This usually begins by meeting with key business stakeholders for a complete brain dump on their part (their offering, their customer, their strengths, their weaknesses, their current digital output, their digital likes and dislikes, their projected sales etc.) as well as understanding what pre-planned promotions, product launches and events are in place for the next 3-6 months. These steps are the foundation on which I build my strategies, so you could say they’re non-negotiable!

  • Do you believe every business should have some sort of a digital plan?

Embracing all things digital can be overwhelming for some brands and business owners, but it’s unavoidable. Consumer habits have changed from bricks and mortar stores to online shopping, and information gathering shifting from magazines and catalogues to social media and blogs. If you want your brand to thrive, let alone be relevant, you need to have a digital presence – and what kind of presence you have all depends on a solid digital strategy.

Want to chat to Michaela and our team about putting together a bespoke digital strategy for your brand? Contact us: [email protected] to find out more.

The Benefits Of A Boutique Agency

The Benefits Of A Boutique Agency

Thinking of outsourcing your brand's marketing requirements? Tossing up between working with a large or boutique agency? We're sharing a few tips on why boutique is the way to go!

When it comes to sourcing an agency to best represent your brand, its no secret there is a bit of an oversaturation in the world of marketing and social media.

More than often, it’s tempting to choose a large, well-known company to meet your marketing needs - but what about the alternatives? There HAS to be another option for value, satisfaction and success.

Here lies the secret weapon that is the Boutique Creative Marketing Agency.

With an intimate team of professionals directly at hand, the benefits of choosing a boutique agency are endless.

Direct access to the owner, specialist team members and closer client relationships

Too often the hierarchy at big agencies resembles more of a monarchy than an efficient, innovative space for creativity and client relations to flourish.

In larger businesses, strict structures and reporting protocol limit the contact and input a client can have when it comes to the services provided to them.

At a boutique agency, a smaller team of handpicked professionals can offer a more personal service and creative space for successful client relationships. Your creative team are able to position themselves as an extension of your business, leading to a more authentic content creation process.

Owners and senior members of staff have the ability to directly oversee projects within a smaller team, allowing a client’s input and best interests to be at the forefront of their minds; ultimately producing higher quality work that is the best representation of your business’ vision.

Lower Cost

Instead of the cost of overheads including extra support staff, lavish workspaces and expense accounts that you would find integrated into proposed quotes by larger agencies, outsourcing a boutique agency to market your business can be a much more cost effective option.

With a boutique agency, clients pay only for the team that actually works on a job, meaning no unjustified or hidden costs. Generally a Melbourne Social Co monthly retainer is equivalent to, or less than, the cost of a full time junior salary - a fee that gives you direct access to the experience of an entire creative team.

Faster turn around

Another major benefit when it comes to choosing a boutique agency over a larger competitor is the quick turn around time for projects and content.

Boutique agencies carefully hand-pick a manageable amount of clients they believe they can deliver genuine results to, so your project wont be put on hold or lost in the crowd. This tailored approach smaller agencies employ ensures your campaign will be given the attention and dedicate it deserves, leading to better results!

These are but a few benefits we can recommend when it comes to going ahead with a smaller, boutique marketing agency. For any queries, or additional information on how we at Melbourne Social Co can provide the very best service for your business or project, contact us today - [email protected]

The Benefits Of A Boutique Agency