The most successful brands on social media make sure their brands are consistent and professional at all times. This week we’re chatting to our Digital Marketing Specialist, Sam Gray to get her insight into the importance of consistency on social media.

  1. Is it necessary to be active on all social media platforms? 

Not necessarily – it’s important to establish your target audience before you start your social media strategy.

If your target audience isn’t on a particular platform, then it’s probably more beneficial to concentrate your energy and resources into a few key platforms instead of trying to master them all.

  1. Tell us a few social media faux pas that affect the consistency of a brand’s online presence.

It can be easy to get caught up in regramming photos that people have taken of your product or at your venue. Everyone has their own unique flare and social media persona, so regramming too often can confuse your own theme and social media identity.

Try not to go too crazy with the filters either! Just tweaking your photos by up-ing their brightness and sharpness is all you need to do to prep them to go live on your account.

  1. How important is regular posting?

A regular posting schedule is super important to maintain and build engagement rates.

Delving into your stats will help you decipher which days and times are best for you to post so you can establish a consistent posting schedule.

  1. Stock images or original content? What is better for consistency?

Creating original content is the best way to maintain consistency across your social feed. If you struggle to consistently develop original content, using stock quote templates is a good way to keep up with your posting schedule, while giving you a break to get your creative juices flowing again!

What elements make for visual consistency across social media?

There’s a few elements you can implement into your social strategy to create a consistent aesthetic. Here’s a few things to consider when establishing your visual identity:

  • Colour story and style guide, including key fonts and preferred colours
  • Photography style
  • Scheduling patterns e.g. posting a quote, flatlay then product image to keep your feed in a strict grid
  1. Do you think tone and personality in text play a large role in keeping your socials consistent?

100%! Whether it’s short and snappy, full of colloquial language and slang or product focused – your copy should always stay consistent and true to your brand’s identity.

  1. What links are there, if any, between engagement and consistency on social media?

It’s all about consistency! It’s important that your audience is able to identify your content, without seeing your handle! Consistency in copy, content and scheduling should be the main pillars of your social media strategy. If your audience starts to recognise and love your content, engagement will follow!

  1. Quantity or quality when it comes to your social media profile?

I would say quality over quantity! If you can only manage to get a few posts up a week, make sure that they’re great posts – look at when your audience is most likely to be online and try to get them out on these days every week to help your engagement rate grow.

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