Our Senior Content Creators' top tips for creating social media content

Our Senior Content Creators’ top tips for creating social media content

Every brand wants to be seen on social media, but  the key to really being heard lies in how attractive and engaging a brands’ social media content is.

This week, we’re chatting to our Senior Content Creator Bree Munro, to get her top tips on how to create engaging social media content that will result in success.

How important is hashtagging when it comes to engaging social media content?

Hashtagging is essentially a way for prospective customers or clients to find you on social media. If you’re just starting out, a hashtag strategy is an essential part of building an audience around your page. Posts with at least one hashtag receive 12% more likes, shares and comments versus those without them! You can have up to 30 hashtags on Instagram, but the verdict is still out on whether you should use as many as you can. I would recommend a mix of branded and relevant engagement hashtags in the 10-20 range when starting out, to avoid looking too spammy, but still ensuring your content is getting the love it deserves.

What have you found works well when trying to create engaging content?

It’s all about video! In the last year we have seen the rise of the Youtuber, Instagram Stories, and now IGTV, with content ranging from behind-the-scenes, to Boomerangs, to engaging tutorial videos and everything in between. People don’t just want highly polished and curated feeds, they want to see what is happening behind the brands. Other than that, there has been a trend towards crisp and clean studio images, and we have been incorporating a lot more edgy graphic design elements into our content.

Is there anything you’ve found that doesn’t work so well?

When we are building a strategy for clients we like to remind them that it is ‘social’ media, not ‘sales’ media. Making every post about selling your product is the equivalent of putting pamphlets in someone’s mailbox every single day! Eventually they will get a “no junk mail” sticker (or unfollow you in this case). Build a community around your product or service, encourage engagement and conversations, and this will result in long term return customers, sales, and followers.

Are there any techniques out there that people use to generate content that you don’t agree with?

Sharing content and crediting its source is part of networking on social media, but there is nothing worse than an entire feed of re-grammed images from other people! Original content is key.

 When creating content where do you start? / What’s your first step?

The first step in creating content is identifying the targetaudience and putting yourself in their shoes. What do they want to see? What will they engage with? What will encourage them to act? Every market is different, and a digital content strategy should be adjusted accordingly.

 How important is variety when it comes to content creation?

Extremely! While it is important to have a consistent brand and theme across your social media channels, there is nothing more boring for a consumer than the same repetitive content. Not only that, but social media is an everchanging landscape and it is important to keep up with the trends. Mix it up, put some personality into it, and most importantly – have fun!

Would you like to chat to Bree and our team of social media content creation specialists at Melbourne Social Co? Get in touch with us today by emailing [email protected].

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Our Senior Content Creators' top tips for creating social media content

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