It’s nearly Christmas time and that means it’s time to add some festive cheer to your brands’ social media calendar!

Christmas is all around us and it’s important to adjust your online presence to reflect the season.

Give your profile some Christmas flare!

Now that December is here, everyone’s mind turns to Christmas, so go with the flow and spruce up your profile with some Christmas cheer.  You don’t have to go overboard and flood your profile with Christmas themed tweaks, but think about giving your profile picture some snow flakes, or some festive baubles. Put a cheery Christmas greeting in your bio; adding a festive touch to your profile will make sure your audience is feeling the Christmas vibe from you.

Christmas Offers

Music to the ears of Christmas lovers! Christmas discounts, December offers, it’s all part of the festive season, and it is definitely something your brand should consider.  Whether that is discounts, buy one get one free, contests or any sort of offer prompted by the festive season, it’s a great way to generate excitement and festivity over the Christmas period.

Embrace the spirit of giving

Christmas is about giving, and this should be embraced by brands wanting to celebrate this festive season.  Christmas is a time where sales can sky rocket, where audience engagement will rise, but it is also important to embrace the spirit of giving back this Christmas, and doing so to your followers. Giving back to your loyal followers is an amazing way to embrace the spirit of Christmas.

Having the Christmas spirit present in your social media is so important. Christmas is such a big part of social (and shopping) culture of today that you would be foolish not to use this joyful time to your brands advantage!

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Creative ways to get into the Christmas spirit
Creative ways to get into the Christmas spirit