Thinking of outsourcing your brand’s marketing requirements? Tossing up between working with a large or boutique agency? We’re sharing a few tips on why boutique is the way to go!

When it comes to sourcing an agency to best represent your brand, its no secret there is a bit of an oversaturation in the world of marketing and social media.

More than often, it’s tempting to choose a large, well-known company to meet your marketing needs – but what about the alternatives? There HAS to be another option for value, satisfaction and success.

Here lies the secret weapon that is the Boutique Creative Marketing Agency.

With an intimate team of professionals directly at hand, the benefits of choosing a boutique agency are endless.

Direct access to the owner, specialist team members and closer client relationships

Too often the hierarchy at big agencies resembles more of a monarchy than an efficient, innovative space for creativity and client relations to flourish.

In larger businesses, strict structures and reporting protocol limit the contact and input a client can have when it comes to the services provided to them.

At a boutique agency, a smaller team of handpicked professionals can offer a more personal service and creative space for successful client relationships. Your creative team are able to position themselves as an extension of your business, leading to a more authentic content creation process.

Owners and senior members of staff have the ability to directly oversee projects within a smaller team, allowing a client’s input and best interests to be at the forefront of their minds; ultimately producing higher quality work that is the best representation of your business’ vision.

Lower Cost

Instead of the cost of overheads including extra support staff, lavish workspaces and expense accounts that you would find integrated into proposed quotes by larger agencies, outsourcing a boutique agency to market your business can be a much more cost effective option.

With a boutique agency, clients pay only for the team that actually works on a job, meaning no unjustified or hidden costs. Generally a Melbourne Social Co monthly retainer is equivalent to, or less than, the cost of a full time junior salary – a fee that gives you direct access to the experience of an entire creative team.

Faster turn around

Another major benefit when it comes to choosing a boutique agency over a larger competitor is the quick turn around time for projects and content.

Boutique agencies carefully hand-pick a manageable amount of clients they believe they can deliver genuine results to, so your project wont be put on hold or lost in the crowd. This tailored approach smaller agencies employ ensures your campaign will be given the attention and dedicate it deserves, leading to better results!

These are but a few benefits we can recommend when it comes to going ahead with a smaller, boutique marketing agency. For any queries, or additional information on how we at Melbourne Social Co can provide the very best service for your business or project, contact us today – [email protected]

The Benefits Of A Boutique Agency