Earlier this year, we floated the concept of an agency podcast. Let’s be honest, we ALL LOVE podcasts, especially those with the fun and familiarity of a chat between friends or family, that deep dive into the things we all want to know more about. Like maybe, what it’s like as a Gen Z climbing the career ladder at a creative agency?

Fast forward to today, as we launch Approved.

Hosted by social media experts (and sisters) Nicole and Hannah, Approved is a fun, fortnightly peek behind the curtains of the social media industry, where your hosts sit down to spill the tea about what it’s like to work in social media and all that it entails. 

In each episode Nicole and Hannah will look at pop culture and how platforms like TikTok and Instagram influence our daily lives, and chat to influential up and comers in the industry about how the navigate the landscape to promote both themselves and their brands.

Delivered through the lens of Gen Z women forging impressive careers in marketing themselves, Approved the Podcast exists to help listeners unpack social media updates, learn from industry heavyweights and dabble in influencer ‘tea’, all shared with the familiarity that comes with a chat between sisters.

Listen now on Spotify.

Want to get to know Hannah a little better? Our recently appointed Head of Production recently sat down with Fashion Journal to share what it’s really like to work at a social media agency. Read the article here.

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