In the ever-changing social media landscape, it’s important to keep up to date! We’ve compiled some of the latest social news and features to catch you up to speed.

It’s all about Instagram at the moment. Within the past few months, Instagram have implemented several updates which could affect your social media campaign and goals.

Instagram Testing

Instagram are currently undertaking quite a number of tests across the platform. It’s important to note that Instagram chooses a small percentage of users, from across the world to test new features with. Not all users participate in tests, however tests usually change these users experiences significantly.

Please find links to articles expanding on different Instagram tests currently running:

We expect to see a decrease in engagement from users in testing, as feedback so far has been that these new features have decreased user satisfaction.

Instagram Feed Sorting

After testing new feed sorting options earlier this year, the Following and Favourites feed have been rolled out to all Instagram accounts.

These new feeds are:

  • Home: The current feed view includes suggestions of posts from people you’re not following
  • Favourites: This feed allows users to choose their friends and family, and their favourite influencers into one feed.
  • Following: The traditional chronological feed is coming back!

After implementation, we have noticed a drop off in impressions across all accounts – this means less people are seeing posts. However, this is what we typically see when a new feature is introduced. Over the last few weeks impressions have begun to pick up again, and we will keep an eye out on how these stats track over the coming months.

Best Types of Posts for Engagement

Scheduling platform Later recently released a report, after reviewing 81 million Instagram feed posts (noting this excludes Reels) to reveal what post types are best performing in 2022.

Carousel posts returned the best average engagement rate at 3.11%, followed by image posts (2.76%) and video (2.60%). This means that we need to be implementing more carousel posts into our social planners!

That’s the latest social media news this month. Stay tuned for more updates!

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the latest social media news, June 2022. It's all about Instagram this month.
the latest social media news, June 2022. It’s all about Instagram this month.