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Instagram news – or what’s NOT happening!

How quickly things can change! Instagram have recently said that it is hitting pause on the rollout of new features on its app following backlash online from users, influencers and celebrities. The new updates (full-screen viewing and an increase in post recommendations) were criticised as people felt they were not seeing photos from friends and family as much.

A Meta spokesperson has said: “Based on our findings and community feedback, we’re pausing the full-screen test on Instagram so we can explore other options, and we’re temporarily decreasing the number of recommendations you see in your feed so we can improve the quality of your experience.

If you haven’t heard of BeReal, you better listen up because it’s about to be BIG.

BeReal is a new social media app which is trending amongst Zillennials (those born between 1993 and 1998). The app prompts you to take one photo per day at a random time. It takes a front and back camera image at the same time. BeReal is making waves with Zillenials due to its authentic nature. You won’t find influencers, filters, or ads on the app – just real, authentic content from users. A BeReal user stated: “Whilst Instagram is promoting an ‘ideal’ of living, BeReal instead shows the “real” us, no filters. We feel more natural and have more connections to our peers, which is essentially what the generation (Gen Z) values.”

While it is not currently a platform companies participate in, there have been lots of “fake” BeReal’s popping up across meme accounts. View some examples on the left.

Interestingly, BeReal has skyrocketed up the list of apps with the highest number of active users for the month of July. It was placed higher than the likes of Uber and Facebook, showing it’s growing popularity.

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Social Media News, August 2022
Social Media News, August 2022