Should I buy a dress for Aunty Kate from Country Road or Seed? Should I get a voucher for Pop from Bunnings or Mitre 10? Christmas is a super competitive time, so it’s no wonder that brands are breaking creative barriers and doing everything they can to be more innovative when it comes to their digital marketing efforts over the silly season.

Here are a few examples of Christmas digital campaigns that we think were really effective.

One of our all time favourite campaigns is Ted Baker’s “TedsElfie” campaign from 2014. Ted Baker fans were encouraged to follow @TedsElfie on Instagram to participate in the game. Ted Baker created a number of Instagram accounts for the campaign, with each account featuring hand drawn images where users had to find the seven ‘missing’ elves, in return for prizes. The brand would drop hints on where to look and encourage their fans to watch the TedsElfie hashtag to be kept in the loop. Ted Baker had over 37 thousand interactions throughout the campaign and 14.5 thousand competition entries. Amazing right?!

Another campaign we loved was Topshop’s 2013 “Dear Topshop” campaign. Run purely on Pinterest, this campaign was amazing for engagement and exposure. The campaign asked fans to create a mood board on Pinterest dedicated to the perfect Christmas day. Users could pin things like decorations, dream outfits and food. All pins had to include #DearTopshop and the best boards received shopping sprees worth up to 500 pounds ($900). You’d be crazy not to enter really!

A campaign we’ve loved this year is Spotify’s “2017 Unwrapped” campaign.

The campaign showed users their top artists and songs of 2017, as well as how many minutes of music they listed to. The brand incorporated a fun little quiz into the campaign, which engages users. Spotify also gifts users with two playlists – one featuring their top songs of 2017 and another handpicked playlist based on what music they love. The brand also encourages users to share their “2017 Unwrapped” on their social media pages, with links to do so. Spotify’s campaign builds customer loyalty and makes users feel special. Interestingly, it makes users login to access the campaign so this could definitely be a tactic to re-engage lost customers. Seems pretty great to us!

If you’re new to Christmas campaigns, a popular one to start with is the ‘12 Days of Christmas’ campaign where each day features a new giveaway, discount code or offer. For example, Broadsheet in Melbourne is currently doing their 12 Trays of Christmas where they give away a new product each day. This is great for engagement and obtaining new customers.

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