Because your customers are already using it.

Consider these statistics of Australian Social Media users from August 2014:

Social Media Statistics Australia – August 2014 – source

1. Facebook – 13,400,000 users (steady)

2. YouTube – 13,000,000 UAVs

3. – 6,100,000

4. Tumblr – 4,600,000

5. LinkedIn – 3,900,000

6. Blogspot – 3,050,000

7. Twitter – 2,791,300 Active Australian Users (see calculation)

8. Instagram – 2,060,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation)

9. TripAdvisor – 1,550,000

10. Yelp – 1,300,000

11. Snapchat – 1,070,000 Active Australian Users (see calculation).

12. Tinder – 1,000,000 Australian users

13. Flickr – 740,000

14. Pinterest – 380,000

15. Reddit – 160,000

The chances are that much of your target market is already using social media. If you want to reach clients and prospects, you need to be where they are – by using social media you’ll increase the odds that your marketing message will get through to a significant number of them.

It will help you connect with your customers/clients.

Most marketing channels are one-way in nature – a business sends out its marketing message, and the consumer receives it. With Social Media, you can actually have a conversation with your audience. Social Media helps to create a community of fans and followers that see you as more than just a business entity.

They’ll view you as someone they trust, and people use the services of those they trust.

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