We are slightly obsessed with Instagram here at Melbourne Social Co and considering we spend a bit too much time scrolling through our feeds, we’ve noticed a few different user trends emerging.

From the foodie, to the hashtagger, to the selfie queen… Read on below to find out which archetype category you fall into!

The Foodie:

The name says it all doesn’t it? This Instagram user loves to snap every meal they have, and every coffee they drink. So don’t you dare touch your food before they photograph it! They are commonly found at all of the cool cafes and restaurants… especially those known to have great lighting and stunning interiors! 

The Hashtagger:

Perhaps they’re on the hunt for more followers or maybe they need a lesson or two in hashtagging etiquette, either way we see this Instagram type pop up on our feeds all too often! You know you’re a hashtager if you post at least 15 – 20 hashtags per post, and sometimes even comment on your own posts multiple times with the tags!

The Selfie Queen:

This Instagram user has a good chance at becoming the next Kim Kardashian with the number of selfies they take! It doesn’t matter where they are or what they’re doing, it’s always a great time for a #selfie!

The Baby (or pet) Lover: 

The baby (or pet) lover has a feed filled with pictures of their children or their fur-babies. They are their pride and joy and they love to capture all the cute and quirky things that they get up to.

The Fitness Guru:

The fitness guru loves to post snaps of their meal preparation, gym workouts and amazing bodies. They are experts in their field and their feeds are positive and inspiring!

Do you fit in any of these Instagram archetypes or have we left any out? Comment and share which one you are below.

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