By now, we’re sure you know why Instagram is a must-have tool to grow your business.

With over a third of social media users on Instagram, it’s an essential social media platform for not only connecting and engaging with existing consumers, but marketing to new people as well.

However, using Instagram to build brand awareness is so much more than creating an account and posting pretty pictures.

Need help getting started? Try these four tips:

  1. Use Instagram stories:

When Instagram decided to jump on the Snapchat stories trend back in 2016, consumers got excited. Nearly 100 million people use Instagram stories daily, to showcase live updates on their personal lives, share behind the scenes content or promote products and services.

So if you haven’t already started posting stories on our business account– we’re here to tell you to join the trend! Instagram stories are a great way to get your content in front more people, tap into location stories and engage existing followers (especially since the new algorithm is making it harder for your content to be visible in the feed.) The trick? Keep consumers interested by posting useful and engaging content that isn’t too promotional or ‘salesy’. 

  1. Host a competition:

What better way to increase awareness for your brand than by hosting a competition? Instagram competitions that use a follow and ‘tag a friend’ approach, help to get your business name and account in front of new people who are likely to also be interested in your product or service based on what you’re giving away.

Just ensure you have an engaging graphic, simple entry method and back it up with paid ads. If you’re ready to take your Instagram competition to the next level, why not partner with a relevant influencer to cross promote your competition to their followers?

  1. Run paid ads:

Instagram advertising is a great way get your great quality content in front of a highly-targeted audience. You can now run Brand Awareness ads through Facebook’s Ads manager which places your ad in front of people who are the most likely to recall it, and then optimises it accordingly. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these ads, as little as $5 per day can make a world of difference!

  1. Collaborate collaborate collaborate!

Whether you choose gifting campaigns, influencer takeovers or sponsored collaborations, one of the most effective ways of building your brand awareness on Instagram is by tapping into the large followings of Instagram bloggers and celebrities. Just ensure you choose influencers who are suitable for your brand as their followers are likely to pay attention when they post about your business!

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