Whether you are a startup company or are in need of a business refresh, an important component of any digital marketing strategy is a great website.

Why? Essentially, all content marketing strategies begin with a website. This is where you host important info about your brand, and create content to share across your social media channels.

Having a great website will not only optimise leads and increase enquiries for your brand, it will also engage your potential consumers and encourage them to revisit your site time and time again.

Unsure what your website needs? Read on below for the anatomy of a great website.

It’s easy to navigate:

Approximately 55% of consumers spend around 15 seconds on a website which means you need to be able to captivate them instantly and not lose them amongst menus that are difficult to navigate, unnecessary visuals or information. The key to a great website is to have a straightforward and succinct menu, so when your consumer lands on your website they know exactly what to click on to find what they are after.

It’s responsive:

If there’s one thing that you must do when fixing up your existing website or creating a new design it’s to ensure your website is responsive and mobile friendly! More than 60% of people browse the internet on their mobiles and tablets now, so it’s vital to ensure your mobile site looks great and works well. That includes ensuring it fits nicely on the screen, is engaging, captivating, has social sharing buttons, easy navigation and everything else required for a great website.

Great content:

So you’ve got people to your website (congrats!) now you have to keep them there! That’s where great content is invaluable as it helps to keep people on your site longer as you have something engaging and useful for them to read, watch or connect with. Great content includes about pages, information on landing pages including product and service descriptions and of course a great blog. A blog is one of the most powerful ways to captivate your consumer, generate sales and increase SEO.

Social Networks:

Now that you’ve got all of the above essentials it’s time to make sure your website and its content can be shared easily on social media networks and that visitors know where to find you on social media so that they can follow along. Why not put sharing buttons above all images and include visible social media icons on your website so consumers can join your online community.

Is your business in need of a new website? Whether you are starting from scratch or are wanting to update your current site, get in touch with Melbourne Social Co today and we can create the perfect website and content to suit your business.

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