One of the most powerful ways to get your brand or business noticed is to work with digital influencers (or bloggers.) Their reviews or shout-outs promoting your product and services will not only work to build trust and your reputation amongst consumers, it will also work to increase brand awareness and enhance your marketing strategy in a way you’ve never experienced before.

Thanks to their huge followings, devoted fans and worldwide reach, the opportunity to speak to new markets and spread the word about your business has never been easier.

Need more convincing? Here are a few more reasons to work with bloggers today!

They have a diverse following:

Thanks to the virtual world of social media, the boundaries of location and other demographic variables are no longer barriers to who you can and can’t connect with or market your brand to. Bloggers now have huge followings across the globe, which means they can spread the word about your brand to a far great audience than traditional advertising ever could.

People want to listen:

Blogs are in the top 3 most influential forms of marketing, which means that people look to bloggers and online influencers to authentically review brands and products. Consumers are keen to know what products their favourite bloggers love and are 32% more likely to buy that product or service over traditional marketing or advertising from a brand themselves.

They market your brand in a refreshing and creative way:

While you may have a certain style to your marketing promotions, have you ever thought about presenting your product or service in a different way? This could allow you to potentially reach a new audience or captivate an existing customer database with a refreshing new marketing message. Bloggers are great at doing this, as they use their talent and creativity to showcase, review and present your product or service in new ways you’ve never even thought of!

They build your online community:

By promoting your business to their diverse followers in an engaging and refreshing way, bloggers ultimately help you grow your online social media following and send traffic to your website by tagging your social media handles and linking to your site. That means a more active online community, increased brand awareness and sales! What more could you want?

Are you ready to increase your brand awareness, build your online community and reach new customers? It’s time to start working with bloggers.

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